*Vegans for BDS Mission Statement coming soon*

Vegans for BDS was founded in 2018, inspired and guided by the Palestinians who are working for animal rights while living under military occupation. As an international coalition of vegan activists from around the world, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with each other as we fight against the occupation.

We learn from the interspecies approach to liberation taken by many Palestinian animal activists, recognising that the rights and well-being of human and other-than-human animals are deeply interconnected.

We also recognise occupation as an inherently anthropocentric act, dividing and disrupting the people, animals and environment.

We are very pleased to promote Palestinian-led political vegan tours for internationals who want to see and taste Palestine, in a unique trip that combines the political with the gastronomical. To learn more and attend a vegan tour, click here.

Like the Vegans for Palestine Facebook page: a global community of animal activists in solidarity with Palestinians.

Connect with us to find out more about how you can join our solidarity team and speak out against vegan washing in your community or city.

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